Cecil Skipjacks Amateur Athletics, Inc.

"Un-level the playing field!"








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Mission Statement


Our mission is to develop young people through athletic competition at the highest level to become the best sportsmen and citizens they can, both on and off the field, to grow inwardly and outwardly through character development and leadership training, and to develop a family environment within our teams and the communities they serve.


Vision Statement

To become the premier amateur athletic organization in the United States by providing young people open access to top level coaches, mentors, and competition with the goal of instilling the skills for success in life as humble, ethical and imaginative leaders for the next generation.  We will create an environment of success that will allow our athletes to overcome mental and physical limitations to achieve success in the face of any challenge, now and continuing throughout the course of their lives.


Player Pledge

I will strive to be a LEADER taking charge of any situation under pressure, paying the price in sweat, effort and sacrifice, showing the way through good example. I will be a SPORTSMAN showing enthusiasm, spirit, and courage all the time, taking advice and criticism in an effort to improve.  I will be humble and gracious in both victory and defeat.  I will be a COMPETITOR, possessing a deep determination and desire to win having pride in myself and never giving up. I will strive to be tougher than my opponent in every situation, hustling all the time, always giving maximum effort. I will be DEDICATED, making every practice and working hard every play.  I will discipline myself to follow team rules and guidelines. I will be LOYAL thinking in terms of "we" instead of "I", sacrificing for the good of the team and respecting the organization and my teammates.  All of these lessons I will strive to commit to in every facet of my life.